Benefits of Membership

1. The NCRG membership includes approximately 28 chapters with nearly 1000 members in Northern California and as a group, provides a strong voice in matters involving the Model A hobby. This could come into play involving issues with MAFCA or MAFFI. The impact of NCRG on MAFCA or MAFFI would be significantly greater than that of an individual chapter.

2. NCRG has provided the leadership to member chapters to host the annual Roundup in the spring of each year. NCRG`s role includes advancing a loan to the host chapter to start the planning and assuring that any unpaid expenses of the Roundup will ultimately be covered by NCRG. This arrangement assures that the host chapter will not lose money when hosting the Roundup.

3. NCRG normally has 2 meetings per year which can serve as a forum for an individual chapter to bring up issues concerning the Model A hobby. This type of forum helps to disseminate information of concern to the hobby and provides the opportunity for other member chapters to take appropriate action on the issue.

4. NCRG has established a youth award program for children of members of chapters which belong to NCRG. The purpose of the program is to encourage youth to participate in the various aspects of the hobby and has three divisions-Model A restoration, Era Fashions, and Model A Ford memorabilia. The awards for each division are $400, $200 and $100 respectively.

5. The NCRG has hosted the 1980, 1998, and 2018 MAFCA National Conventions in Reno, Nevada. This is an extremely large undertaking and only possible with the assistance and resources of all the chapters in the NCRG. Without the NCRG and its resources, this is probably not an undertaking any single chapter would be willing to handle. Because NCRG was willing to undertake this project, all Model A chapters in California, Oregon and Nevada had the opportunity to attend a MAFCA National Convention reasonably close to home.

6. To join, contact any one of the NCRG Board of Directors for assistance.